X smart 4.0

X smart 4.0

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X-Smart 4.0(s) 3D Printer is a versatile machine which intended for a wide audience, including home users, schools, and libraries, as well as businesses and institutions looking for a 3D printer for prototyping and production, and offers superb print quality.




1. Suitable for home, education and the users, simply to operate, ready to use right out of the box, assembling time less than half an hour.

2.170x150x160mm printing size, suitable for the user to print the general model accurately.

3. Accurately controlled heating bed supports printing with ABS, PLA, TPU and other common brands of high-quality filaments .

4. Made of high quality CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined aluminum alloy, strong and stable.

5. Featured with advanced technology, such as Wifi connection, Touch screen operation etc.

6.Full metal support, much more stable than plastic support.




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