Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms


  • 3D Printers (except the nozzle) Warranty Period: -6-month Warranty for end-users from the date of invoice. -3-month Warranty for nozzle from the date of invoice.
  • Parts excluded from this Warranty: Build Tape, Build Plate, Acrylic Cover, SD Card, USB Stick, USB Cable, Filament, Filament Spool and Spool Holder.
  • The extruder upgrade Kit shall not belong to free maintenance fittings and shall be Purchased independently.

Below list is Not Covered:

  • Altered, broken Warranty Card or altered, removed, cancelled device series number
  • Out of warranty Period
  • Printer that has been tampered with, repaired, and/or modified by non-authorize personnel
  • Damage (s) caused by improperly or incorrectly Performed modifications, Alterations or repair
  • Damage (s) caused by improper installation, use or operation
  • Damage (s) due to operation under improper environment
  • Damage (s) caused by abuse (overloaded working), misuses
  • Damage (s) caused by using unauthorized spare parts
  • Damage (s) caused by using poor-quality filament, (Using Flashforge filament is suggested COSTS @ INR 1100-00 PER SPOOL
  • Damage (s) caused by using unauthorized 3rd party software
  • Damages caused by improper maintenance (damp, mildew or expose to extreme weather)
  • Normal wear & tear including scratches and nicks
  • Damages (s) caused by force majeure (such as a lightning strike, fire, earthquake, Floods, civil disturbance or war, or any other event beyond human control)6